call for workshop
Date de création: 23 Janvier 2020

We are pleased to announce the second International Workshop on smart Innovative Systems that presents a forum for scientists, engineers and practitioners to present their latest research ideas, developments and applications in all areas of smart systems. Our objective is to improve the networking and capacity building on Higher education and Research. During the workshop, three main activities will be scheduled. The first activity concerns the presentation of innovative ideas in the context of the European research projects program (H2020, Erasmus+, PHC,etc.). A practical case of project building steps will be presented. In the second activity, training sessions about deep learning methods and applications will be planned. The third and last activity concerns the presentation of the accepted papers in the field of pattern recognition, IoT, sensor networks and embedded systems.

IWSIS program

  • Project building

- Introduction to the International research projects program (PRF, African project, Erasmus action2, H2020)

- Presentation of the different steps of project building

- Practical case of accepted International project

- Presentation of new project proposals based on Smart Innovative Systems

  • Deep learning training course 

- Introduction to Machine Learning

- Presentation of Artificial Neural Networks (Neurons, Layers, Activation Functions, Softmax, Back-Propagation)

- Installation of Python and deep learning libraries (Tensorflow and Keras)

- Implementation of Deep Neural Networks (CNN and RNN)

For more information, we attach a call for participation and you can visit the following link: